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Correct use method of spindle bearing

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First, in the bearing assembly hole size, shape, precision is not good situation, the bearings will be affected, can not play the best performance. For example, if the mating parts bearing seat hole size and shape accuracy will cause a bad bearing outer ring deformation, resulting in the inner hole of the bearing to deteriorate; if the shoulder accuracy is not good, will produce the roller bearing outer ring, tilt, aggravate the concentrated load, the bearing fatigue life decreases, more serious cause of cage breakage, sintering the spindle bearing retainer; if the inner ring of the bearing accuracy is not good, such as size, roundness, cylindricity, roughness, waviness, position and other aspects of the precision, also can cause significant increase the set of spindle vibration value.

Secondly, the complete bearing before assembly precision matching strictly, so the user before use, bearing parts scattered without to measuring and matching, can not be used interchangeably.

Third, cleaning of spindle bearing and spindle foot. Because the spindle foot structure is compact, spindle foot cavity has a number of other parts, clean degree they will clean degree influence bearing cavity. Therefore, assembly front bolster uses parts after cleaning, assembly, and then process more reasonable for assembly process including bearing spindle foot for precision cleaning.

Fourth, the bearing should not be collided and impact in the assembly, bump and shock caused by the collision between the bearing parts, resulting in bearing failure.

Fifth, when bearing seat hemstitching must pay attention to control of roll angle, strength and other factors, to avoid failure deformation caused by unreasonable edge rolling bearing parts.

Sixth, the bearing has exceeded the antirust period or longer storage time, may appear rust or roller stuck because of rust preventive oil dried up and the situation.


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