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NanFang bearing will participate in M-tech

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M-tect will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight on June 21-23,Nanfang bearings will be shown and we are looking forward to seeing you.

M-Tech is Japan's largest manufacturing professional trade show. It has been 20 years old.

Nanfang Bearing was established in 1988, it is a Chinas leader in design, development and production of needle bearing, one-way clutch and auto parts. We supply products for automotive, motorcycle and industry area. We focus on global development, production and sales networks, products are sold in more than 36 countries and regions. 

*Products on display

*Automotive application Field


*Motorcycle  application Field


The exhibits and the latest technology will be exhibited at the Tokyo Big Sight

Booth Number: 7 East Pavilion, NO.10-23

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