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Exhibition丨See you in Auto China Beijing

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Auto China, Beijing

We are coming!

Our booth no. 




The subject of Nanfang bearing is New platform, New megatrends in this exhibition

Nanfang Bearing will show the advanced products to audiences all over the world.

Any suggestion or support is important for us.

Advanced Products



Drawn cup needle bearing


- Quite silent  
- Long 
- 低摩擦力矩,提升燃油经济性



Cage needle bearing 
- Advanced design that make sure needles guiding.
- Stable working under high friction.
- Special process for needles. 


One-way clutch for gearbox
Character:loading capacity improve 40%.
Reduce the assembly space to achieve lightweight.  



2nd generation OAP

- Rated load improve 70%-80%

- Apply for hybrid automotive.


Meeting every two years

See you in Beijing on April 25 ~ 29.




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