Our history:
Started in 1988 in Changzhou, China. It had 30 years of history.




In 1988, Changzhou, China. Nanfang was established as a family company.2323


In 1993, Nanfang started to develop one-way clutch that used for engine of motorcycle. When nanfang developed one-way clutch, it started to enter into partnership with Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki the big 3 motorcycle company in the world.5b8d1e2b2新


Nanfang started to become global supplier in segments of automotive, motorcycle, industry.dddd


OAP as the new business of Nanfang was developed by R&D team. It is the first Chinese company to develop the OAP successfully.5b44442


Strong business performance during 2008 to 2011. In 2011, Nanfang became the listed company at Shenzhen security exchange market.4444


The board of Nanfang prepare the long-term plan for the future. The new management team led by general manager divided into 4 business units. focusing on global operation. In 2015, established subsidiary company in Germany. In 2016, established sales office in Detroit, USA. In 2017, established sales office in India.ddd

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