China will become the world’s largest production base of bearing

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In 2008, the international financial crisis, countries in response to the financial crisis, to increase infrastructure investment, the proactive fiscal policy to promote economic development. Development benefit from related industries,bearing production expanded rapidly, the profit level is improved, the development of the industry significantly speed up.In 2010 China’s bearing industry achieved sales revenues of 151969000000 yuan, an increase of 39.45%; realize thetotal industrial output value of 151434000000 yuan, an increase of 38.04%; total profit of 9812000000 yuan, an increase of 69.37%.

Production and marketing needs 2012-2016 years of China bearing manufacturing industry published prospectiveindustry research institute ” the transformation and upgrading of the prediction and analysis report ” shows, in recent years, the world famous enterprises have entered the Chinese bearing market, and the establishment of production bases, such as Sweden SKF group, the Schaeffler Group of Germany, the United States The Timken Company, Japan’s NSK company, NTN company. The company is not only a global business, and is the global manufacturing, by virtue of their brand, equipment, technology, capital and scale advantages, launched a fierce competition and bearingenterprises in china.

At present, the domestic enterprise mainly engaged in the general bearing production, dedicated and high-end bearingless production enterprises, technology is not mature. Therefore, domestic enterprises to compete, with foreign advanced bearing brand even beyond, still need to experience the development road for a long time in the technology.

“ Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the state’s macroeconomic policy effects will continue to appear, the domestic economic growth remains robust, the international market will also slow recovery, the momentum of economic recovery has stabilized gradually increased. The development of the national economy will pull the infrastructure investment, and promote the development of metallurgy, electric power, building machinery, building materials, energy and otherindustries, and introduction of the national top ten industrial revitalization planning, provide policy support the development of automotive, aerospace, machine, wind power and other industries, these industries demand forbearings are also will gradually expand.

In addition, the state of the equipment manufacturing industry and the importance of localization of the bearing is becoming more and more obvious, the bearing market in China will usher in a broader space for development.

The research team industry bearing prospective industry Institute of manufacturing analysis, along with thedevelopment of China’s bearing host industry, product structure sleeve will change, the proportion of high-end productsin the product sales price rising, will also increase, it is expected that by 2015, China’s bearing production is expected toexceed 22000000000 units, sales volume is expected to more than 350000000000 yuan, to become the world’s largestbase bearing production and sales.