Development of bearing industry in China

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In recent years, the domestic bearing industry the rapid expansion of production scale, ranking fourth in the world,bearing nearly 2000 enterprises, of which more than 5000000 yuan sales revenue of enterprises in more than 900, the number of one of the world ’s first. But the bearing industry in China still has such as the low level of manufacturing technology, industry concentration is not high, the standard is still far from bearing power.

1, China’s bearing industry, the low level of manufacturing technology.

The manufacturing process and process equipment technology development of bearing industry of our country carslow, grinding machining rate is low, the low level of automation, the country only more than 200 automatic production lines. Most of the enterprises, especially the traditional production equipment is still the main as old state-ownedenterprises. Advanced heat treatment technology and equipment on the bearing life and reliability is essential, such aslow coverage rate of controlled atmosphere to protect the heating, double refinement, bainite quenching, manytechnological problems failed to breakthrough. Research and development of new steel bearing steel, steel quality improvement, development of lubrication, cooling, cleaning and abrasives and other related technologies, can not fitbearing products to improve the level and quality requirements. Thus the process capability index is low, poor consistency, product processing large size dispersion, the product quality is not stable and affect the bearing accuracy,performance, life and reliability.

2, China’s bearing industry production concentration is low.

In the whole world bearing about $30000000000 in sales, the world’s 8 largest Multi-National Corporation accounted for 75-80. Two major German companies accounted for the national total of 90, Japan 5 accounted for the 90 of the national total, the United States 1 accounted for 56 of the national total. But our country ZWZ 7 annual sales of 1000000000 yuan of above bearing enterprises, sales of only accounted for 28.3 of the whole industry, the top 30 enterprises of the production concentration is only 43.6.

3, China’s bearing industry R & D and innovation ability.

Because the majority of enterprises in the innovation system construction and operation, R & D and innovation funds,talent development is still at a low level, to the enterprise to the above services for scientific research institutes, countries have no research on common technology industry investment, thus weakening the industry-oriented R & D function.Therefore, the whole industry ” two weak two less prominent, namely ” weak basic theoretical research, participation in international standard-setting is weak, less original technology, less patent product. At present our design and manufacturing technology basically is simulated, consistent system for decades. Product development ability is low,manifested in: Although the domestic host supporting rate reached 80, but the high-speed railway passenger cars,luxury cars, computers, air conditioning, high level of rolling mill, a host of supporting and bearing repair, basically rely on imports.