NanFang Bearing Top Management Express Solicitude for Working in High Temperature

From:Admin Author:Jiangsu Nanfang Bearing Co., Ltd. UV: 3,008 Post Time:08-10-19

This summer, the temperature has been rising continuously, and the public security, fire protection and environmental sanitation workers in our district are still working in front of the high temperature weather. The NanFang Bearing top management, offered condolences to the staff fighting in the high-temperature front line, sending them a true feeling and bringing them a cool one.


Mr. Jiang Zongcheng, General Manager, lead his team members came to Wujin District Fire Brigade with condolences in the hot summer. On behalf of NanFang Bearing, they expressed their heartfelt respect and sincere thanks to all the officers and soldiers of Wujin Fire Brigade who insisted on their posts, did not fear hardships and did their duty.


The company organizes condolences personnel to deliver heat-proof articles and medicines to “City Beauticians” who stick to their posts one by one, and urges them to pay attention to heat-proof and cooling work under high temperature to ensure safe operation.


Faced with the high temperature, the traffic police squadron of the high-tech zone and all the police and co-policemen of Nanxia villa are not at all tired, resolutely adhere to the front line of duty. The company leader delivers heat-proof and cooling materials to the public security police who are fighting on the front line.